Proofreading Like a Pro!

Proofreading is an essential skill in today’s job market. Think like a professional when editing and proofreading your job search documents. Proofreading requires time and concentration with no distractions. I have provided some basic proofreading instructions that will help you proofread like a pro! Formatting: Review consistency with standards such as capitalization, punctuation, spacing, and …

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Personal Branding: Part 2, Basics for the Job Search

In my last blog post, I discussed specific ways to create a personal brand that is robust and consistent across all media. Now let’s discuss the personal branding in a job search, beyond the resume and cover letter. Create your brand on LinkedIn! Creating a consistent message across all documents will promote the perception you …

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The Functional Resume

The reverse chronological format is the typical resume set up, where experiences are grouped into sections and then listed from most to least recent. Besides reverse chronological, the other main resume format is called a functional format. A functional format has a few key elements that differ from the more traditional reverse chronological format. Skills-Based …

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