What are the advantages of a Masterwork Resume?

Your resume is good… but is it a Masterwork Resume? How much better could it be?

What My Clients Say.

I worked hard on my resume but I was never getting called for interviews for jobs I thought I was qualified for. I reviewed a lot of online resume formats and finally decided a change was best for my career. When I contacted Laura and was sent the very thorough initial questionnaire, I knew my resume wasn’t sufficient for the career I ultimately wanted. The thoroughness of questions and understanding of what a resume needs to be for an employer to take a second look were outstanding. I’ve recommended Laura to all of my friends.

Aaron L.

After working for 27 years for a fortune 50 company, holding numerous senior leadership roles, I found myself in the position of needing a resume. Laura was recommended by several trusted associates. I found Laura to be extremely professional… we met and in a short period of time she was able to completely understand my career to date and my goals going forward. All of the feedback I have received from recruiters/potential employers is that my resume is very well-constructed… thank you, Laura!

Keith H.

Laura is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and detail-oriented; quick to answer any questions I had, and to point out areas of my old resume and website that required adjustment. Her expertise and sharp eye for layout helped tailor two versions of my resume: one for gallery showings and artist positions, and one for work. I learned a lot from Laura, and would recommend her to anyone in need of a resume. Even if you already have one, it could always be +1.

Kathryn C.

Laura’s expert resume crafting skills gave me the edge I needed to let my resume stand out from the crowd and land an interview with the company I work for today. Laura helped me highlight my past experience in a way resonates with potential employers. If you are looking to give your resume the ability to get your foot in the door with an interview, I highly recommend Laura’s resume writing services.

Joe V.

Laura is a skilled resume writer who goes the extra distance for her client. I have used “professional” resume services before, and the experience that I had with Laura was by far the best, and might I add, the most productive in terms of results. Thanks, Laura!

Gary V.

Laura is an excellent resource and offers services applicable to a broad spectrum of businesses. She has the ability to grasp details, identify weak areas and address them, and present the information in a very professional format.

Denise M.

Laura is a consummate professional who helped me with my very first professional business resume. She explained what she needed and how her questions would help to make the best resume possible. She was open to questions and suggestions, while also having ideas of her own.

Matthew S.

With my first Laura-Approved resume and cover letter in hand, I hit on five of ten online applications within a matter of two weeks. Although I did have some experience, I NEVER expected to have to turn away multiple offers.

During my first interview with a potential employer, the manager confessed to me “I was so impressed with your cover letter! I knew I had to speak with you.” When is the last time you got such praise for a simple cover letter?

Rhet W.

Laura used her expertise to write me a very effective resume. I went from getting zero responses to the resume that I had written myself to multiple weekly responses to the resume which she wrote for me. I would recommend that any person should use Laura’s services for not only resume writing but also her cover letter and LinkedIn services as well.

Ronald M.

Laura impressed me from the first contact I had with her. Throughout the entire process she was exceptionally committed to her two fundamental objectives.
Her first objective was to gain a comprehensive understanding of who I am as a complete individual. I was surprised by how unusually perceptive and intuitive Laura is and how well she was able to comprehend a fairly challenging and complicated person like me.
Her second objective was to transform an exhaustive list of facts about my attributes, proficiencies and history into an image that would be much more quickly and easily comprehensible by others. I prefer to think of her expertise as the ability to artfully and skillfully transform an enormous and eclectic collection of points of verbal paint into an amazingly accurate literary oil-on-canvas portrait that clearly represents who I am. In that context, Laura is one of the great masters.
Finally, Laura is professionally gifted at what she does but, in addition to her professional skills, her personality and style enhance her skills in a big way. As a professional, she always remained totally focused on the goal but personally she was never anything less than refreshingly congenial, totally supportive and encouraging at all times. I never got the sense that I was a ‘client’ to Laura, which is something I really appreciate.
I’m 100% satisfied with everything Laura has done to help me and wanted to let everybody know. When you need a portrait painted, I hope you commission Laura. She’s one of the great masters.

Stanley F.

Laura is one of the best in the business when it comes to crafting executive bios, profiles, and professional resumes. Her client list includes executives and successful leaders spanning just about every industry from startups to major corporations. I was impressed with her engaging process that allowed me to share my background, as well as her willingness to work around my busy schedule. She helped me extract key facts, accomplishments, and corporate savings I’ve made throughout my career and move them into the spotlight by showcasing them within my profile. Laura is an absolute pleasure to work with and a consummate professional, keeping lockstep with the latest formatting rules, ATS techniques, and modernization practices. If you are seeking the services of an award-winning, published, certified resume writer with many years of experience, look no further than Laura Fontenot.

Brian C.

I researched several certified resume writers and I decided Laura was the right person to help me update not just my resume but my Linked In profile as well. My first call with her was more of me interviewing her so I could get an idea of her expertise and feel confident she could produce the product I was looking for and I hired her immediately. I am currently a Vice President but doing COO work. With so many new opportunities I needed Laura to help me present myself to my industry my C – Suite capabilities in today’s modern way of presenting it and she exceeded my expectations. She has a building block process that was a deep dive into what I have accomplished over my career. Laura does A+ work and I am very pleased with the product she produced for me.

Don R.

The resume Laura made for me has had a 100% success rate. I only sent it to one company, but that was enough. Thanks!

William P.

I’m really impressed with the work Laura did for me. She kept in touch through the entire process and was communicative and very easy to work with. I highly recommend her for any resume or cover letter work you need.

Emma T.

Laura offers her service with a devotion to her work and you can rest assured that she provides the resources and consultation you will need to make your resume stand out. Such an expert! I highly recommend her!!!!

Quang B.

I don’t think I could be any more pleased with how my resume looks after getting help from Laura. I feel much more confident marketing myself with this resume than I did before. Just trust the process because she is a true pro who can craft a masterpiece with enough details!

Reid S.

Working with Laura was an absolute pleasure. She was always approachable, responsive, and communicative throughout the entire process. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence were evident in every aspect of her work, from the quality of her writing to the design and formatting of my documents.
Thanks to Laura’s expertise, I have received numerous positive responses to my job applications, and I feel much more confident in my ability to present myself as a strong candidate. I am extremely grateful for the assistance she provided and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to enhance their career prospects.
Laura is an outstanding resume writer and career coach who consistently goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve their goals. Her dedication, professionalism, and expertise are truly remarkable, and I am confident that anyone who works with her will benefit greatly from her services.

Courtney B.

Laura was perfect! I’m from Brazil and I needed help specially because I am not very familiar with the American resume style. Laura not only helped me on that but through her guidance and questions I was able to realize what professional direction I wanted to go. I’ve changed course on the middle of our work and Laura was patient, kind and supportive. I am positive I will reach out to her another times that I’ll need her skills (that are many!). Thank you once again Laura!! Hope talk to you soon 🙂

Anna L.

What can I say? Laura has been a joy to work with and really helped me take my career to the next level. Her use of prose and the ability to take nuances from your professional history and make it into eye catching resumes, letters and bios is beyond compare. I have always been a big believer of engaging with experts like Laura, she has just set the bar higher. She stands behind her work as well… I can’t recommend her enough!

Robert P.

I highly recommend Laura to anyone who is in need of a resume. Whether it be completely from scratch or a makeover to your 10+ year old resume (like me), Laura is your go-to! I was blown away at how she was able to convert my ramblings during our hour long conversation into a literary masterpiece. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you Laura.

Cary D.

Definitely recommend! Laura provides a suite of excellent services. I have enlisted her help on three separate occasions throughout my career so far to assist with my resume, cover letters, and general advice and tips on various matters in the current job market. She is knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, thorough, helpful every step of the way, and just a pleasure to work with overall!

Michele R.

When I contacted Laura to transform and elevate my resume, I knew that I needed someone who could assimilate a significant amount of content, bring it to life through stories of who I am as a professional and by showcasing my unique talent and aspirations, and then positioning it all for optimal marketability. I am a writer, and I have always done my own resumes, although I never could have produced the masterpiece that Laura produced! She is truly gifted in this area! And, throughout the entire process, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I had the utmost confidence that Laura was listening and intuitively “mining” all of the treasure of my experience and setting the stage for my next position, and possibly, to launch into entrepreneurship at some point in the future. Without reservation, I recommend Laura to revamp your resume, update your LinkedIn profile or to craft cover letters.

Tracey B.

In anticipation of a career change, from hospitality to healthcare, I wanted to maintain a dual-career status while completing the credentials in my new field. Although my hospitality resume detailed my work experience, it didn’t effectively relay the nuances of my soft skills and achievements. Conversely, my healthcare resume needed to underscore my transferrable skills and attributes, as well as my new training and education. Thus, I needed Laura to create two resumes, each with distinct yet overlapping themes throughout. The task at hand was daunting, indeed. Without skipping a beat, Laura came to the rescue. A skilled wordsmith, Laura not only updated my existing resume but also transformed it. She also created a resume for my healthcare career that was eye-catching, easy to read, and clearly expressed who I am and what I have to offer. In fact, I was so pleased with her work, that I asked her to create my LinkedIn Profile, cover letter, and professional bio to enhance my personal brand presence. When it comes to mastering the fine art and science of resume writing, Laura has the Midas touch! She is an upbeat and highly skilled resume, marketing, and business writer. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone interested in landing their dream job. 5 Stars.

Manon B.

I recently hired Laura to update my resume and I was beyond impressed with the final product. I had a pretty good resume but Laura took mine to the next level. I was thinking once I received the updated resume from Laura we would do a little back and forth adding on to it but there wasn’t a single thing I wanted to change. Started to apply for new jobs recently and I’m already receiving compliments on it and getting noticed! If your thinking of updating your resume hire Laura, you wont be disappointed. She’s helped take my career to the next level.

Eric C.

Laura worked with me to create a resume that really showed off my unique skills. Entering the job market after a long absence is challenging. Laura was quick to respond to any questions or input I had during the process, and her experience and competence was reassuring.

Laura G.

I would highly recommend Laura. She created my resume and cover letter so it would stand out to potential positions. Thank you Laura!

Natalie B.

Laura helped me out with my resume which attracted most prominent companies in the tech industry. Her attention to detail is superb and her follow through was outstanding! The whole process was seamless and her expertise is definitely reflected in her work.

Aurelius M.

Resumes are hard to do right. I put in so much effort myself and still didn’t fully like the results. Never thought of using a professional writer except once I was impressed by a resume that turned out to be professionally done. OK, I’ll give it a shot. What Laura did was nothing short of amazing. She practically learned everything about my professional experience and wrote this thing with such accuracy and a human touch, including all aspects that were highly technical in nature. I had to put in the effort too of course to communicate numerous details, but the process just showed how thorough and relentlessly quality-driven she was. There are professionals out there who’re so good at what they do, money just becomes a non-issue. My experience with Laura tells me she is one of those professionals. I’m keeping her email address.

Tiger O.
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