Personal Branding: Part 2, Basics for the Job Search

In my last blog post, I discussed specific ways to create a personal brand that is robust and consistent across all media. Now let’s discuss the personal branding in a job search, beyond the resume and cover letter.

Create your brand on LinkedIn!

  • Creating a consistent message across all documents will promote the perception you want others to have of your brand.
  • LinkedIn is a job seeker\’s dream come true because recruiters are constantly searching for talent. It allows for a much more in-depth telling of your story than either a resume or cover letter. Use that space to provide more expressive and evocative communication of your abilities and accomplishments.
  • With every update or change to your profile, make sure that you are furthering your brand and how it is perceived. Be honest, providing thoughtful and significant information.

Unify themes!

  • Having a variety of interests makes us diverse and interesting individuals and it makes us appealing job candidates. But no one can be all things to all people. Limit your brand to two or three themes that work together to promote you.
  • Connect with other brands – strong brands. Look at the profiles of each of your connections and identify those who have created excellent personal brands for themselves. What can you learn from them?

Refine, Redefine, Reinvent!

  • A personal brand is only as strong as the person it represents. You are a constantly changing and evolving individual. You will never be finished creating and refining your brand.
  • As you gain experience, education, and knowledge, you may redefine your brand. Or you may reinvent your brand to keep it strong while allowing your brand to evolve with you.
  • Keep in mind, you define your brand – it does not define you!
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