No \”One Size Fits All\” with Resumes

Anyone who has ever tried to wear a garment that says \”one size fits all\” knows how untrue that statement can be.

In resumes, as with clothing, there is no such thing as a one size fits all. When we try to make the resume fit every job, it actually fits none of the jobs. For a successful job search, aim to create focused, targeted versions of the resume that make your experiences and the benefit you bring to the company or position crystal clear for the hiring manager.

  • Create several versions of the resume designed for the different industries or fields you are targeting.
  • Read many job descriptions for the type of job you are seeking to help you identify the key words and jargon of that particular area.
  • Use the phrases and jargon you identified from the job descriptions in the resume to make it easy for hiring managers to understand what you bring to the position.
  • Do not assume that hiring managers are smart and will figure out what you offer their companies. Hiring managers are smart – too smart to waste time on a resume that indicates the job seeker does not understand the job or the needs of the company.
  • Transitioning from one area to another can take time and requires finding a job that is the right fit. Don’t rush your search.
  • Frustration and disappointment can be significant during the job search process. A professional resume writer and career coach can help you stay focused and on track during your transition.

It is important that you understand the process of taking your resume and targeting a different industry or packaging your marketable skills to match the needs of your target. Stay healthy and focused during the job search, so when that right job comes along, you are ready to wow them in the interview!

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