Volunteering: A Career Strategy

Volunteering allows you to practice skills you might not use in your current position. You can utilize management skills and build confidence in your leadership abilities. And volunteering in an area that genuinely interests you can lead to networking opportunities!

You can also discuss your volunteer efforts on your resume, especially if they’re relevant to your goals. Building homes for those in need, raising money for charities, and simply helping your community are all potential resume points.

Stories about volunteering are also fair game for the job interview! Stepping up to lead a committee or team are great ways to showcase your leadership and teamwork abilities.

Volunteering is also a fantastic chance to network inside and outside your career field. You never know who you’ll meet and who your new connections will know!

I highly recommend using some of your spare time to volunteer. Even just volunteering once a month can help broaden your horizons personally and professionally!

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