Job Seekers, Do You Procrastinate?

There are several reasons people will put off a job search and many ways to delay the search. You might spend an inordinate amount of time polishing the resume and cover letter. Or maybe you can’t pin down the type of position you want, so you research every company and every possible role.

Fear and anxiety can also cause job seekers to procrastinate.

The job search is a journey into the (somewhat) unknown. And people generally fear the unknown – it’s just basic human nature. Let’s discuss some of these fears and the best ways to combat them.

Fear of the Unknown:

We fear rejection, but rejection allows us to polish our interviewing skills and improve in a job search. We fear judgment, but only through applying and interviewing will we be able to assess the position for fit and know if it’s a good match.


Anxiety is sometimes a synonym for fear, but it is a bit different. Fears lead to anxiety, a psychological reaction that can negatively influence our daily lives. Prolonged anxiety can affect our physical and mental health.

To avoid anxiety, identify services that are available to you. Professional resume writers and career coaches can help with expertise that can alleviate stress when it comes to your documents and job goals.

Also, consider taking breaks, reaching out to friends and family, and trying things like meditation or journaling. We all handle stress differently; finding your own personal solution will go a long way to combat anxiety.

The job search process can be daunting, but utilizing available services and expertise can be helpful. Also, just getting started – taking that first step – can be liberating and motivating. With each additional step, you’ll gain confidence in your job search abilities.

And remember: don’t give up! YOU are important. YOU matter. You WILL succeed.

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