Proofread Your Resume Like a Pro!

Proofreading is an essential skill in today’s job market. Think like a professional when editing and proofreading your job search documents. I’ll walk you through some essential proofreading tips that will have you proofreading like a pro in no time!


Review consistency with standards such as capitalization, punctuation, spacing, and bullets. There are many formats for writing, but it is vital to choose a format and be consistent throughout the document.


Double-check words such as or, of, it, and is. Often our brain will automatically correct errors as we read to match the context. Make sure you’re reading what is actually on the page! Contractions and possessive tense require extra care, too. People often confuse there, their, and they’re; you’re and your; and its and it’s. Be careful!

Fresh Perspective:

Having a friend or mentor proofread your documents will help identify other problem areas, such as unclear or repetitive wording. Just be sure the person you ask for a fresh perspective knows grammar and spelling rules!

Print two copies of the document and have a friend take turns reading it aloud with you. As one of you reads, the other follows along and notes errors and awkward phrasing. Hearing your words will help you identify areas needing polishing.

Proofreading is a process, and you probably won’t catch every error on the first attempt. Proofread multiple times to catch spelling errors, ensure verb tense consistency, and confirm correct formatting, such as font sizes and spacing.

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