Deciding Between Job Offers

If you are lucky enough to have received multiple job offers that you are interested in, but cannot decide between, congratulations! The hard part is behind you. Now, you simply need to decide which position suits you the most. Here are three crucial factors to consider when you are deciding between job offers.


First, think about the location of the job. If the positions are in different cities, consider the cost of living, the commute, and whether or not you like that city. Otherwise, consider relevant factors such as: Is the office located in a difficult-to-park area? Would you have a long commute? What is nearby to the office (gyms, restaurants, relaxation, other places)? When you are spending most of your hours at the office, it is important to like the commute and the location.

Corporate Culture

Next, consider the culture of each position. Did you feel a stronger connection to one company over the other? Try to analyze why you are gravitating to that company. Do you dislike that one company expects long nights and weekends? If the company cultures are drastically different, consider choosing the company you are most comfortable with. After all, if you are a better fit in the company, you will likely have a better experience and stay with the company longer.


Finally, consider the compensation. In some cases, this will be easy; one compensation package might be significantly better than the other. Ensure that you are considering base salary as well as bonuses, vacation days, and other benefits. At the same time, however, compensation is not all that matters. If you know you would enjoy one company over the other, even if the offer is lower, it may be a better idea to choose that company. At the very least, inform the company that you have a better offer – it might push their own offer a little higher.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose between two jobs, but by examining these factors, you will be one step closer to making that difficult decision.

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