Asking for Feedback After a Failed Interview

One of the best ways to improve your interview tactics for future interview opportunities is to ask for feedback from an interviewer. Since they have had direct experience with your interviewing technique, they are the most ideal person to give you tips for your next interview. Keep a few important tips in mind when requesting feedback to guarantee the best results.

Step One

First, make sure you are aiming only to gain feedback about your performance, not to convince the employer to change their mind. If an employer senses that you are asking, “Why didn’t you hire me?” instead of “What can I do better for the future?” then they will be less likely to give you any feedback whatsoever. Ask in a friendly way and make sure the employer will know you are asking for your personal benefit, not to try and capture a job offer.

Step Two

Next, ask the interviewer directly, if possible. If you receive a phone call informing you that you were not given an offer, ask then. If you are informed via email, then reply to the email with a gracious thank you letter and extend your request for feedback there. As long as your intention is positive, the employer will most likely let you know how you can improve.

Step Three

Finally, be prepared for no response or vague feedback. If an interviewer has constructive criticism, they will likely let you know specifically what you can improve. Otherwise, there may be no major flaw in your interviewing skills. Perhaps another candidate was simply a better fit for the company’s culture, or they were slightly more qualified. In many cases, it is possible that you will not receive valuable feedback. Make sure you are ready for this type of response.

Asking for post-interview feedback is one surefire way to keep improving your interview skills. Valuable, honest criticism can allow you to hone your skills and land your next dream job.

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