Social Media: Personal vs. Professional

If you are interested in branding yourself professionally, then you have likely researched social media branding techniques. In a nutshell, professional branding involves choosing a vision for yourself within your industry and projecting it through a variety of platforms, including social media. While your brand should be authentic to you, there are some situations where you may want to consider separate social media accounts for your professional brand.

Unrelated Information

If your hobbies, side business, or other internet activity are not related to your profession, it may be wise to invest in multiple accounts on some social networks. For example, if you want to establish yourself as an SEO expert, but you also run a blog on fly-fishing, you may want to separate these completely unrelated hobbies online. You could have two different websites, two different Twitter accounts, and so on.

Making the Most of Social Sites

Consider the purpose of each platform. After all, Facebook is not the same as LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn is a professional network, it makes sense to leave personal details off that network. Conversely, on Facebook, both types of content could be appropriate. Determine which networks you want to maintain a professional presence on, and which can be a little more personal.


Use your best judgment. While being on-brand is important, it can be easy to accidentally come across as unauthentic if you leave out too much of your own personality. Create a personal brand that incorporates who you are and you will find it much easier to determine what fits on your professional accounts and what does not.

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