Avoid the Job Search Black Hole!

Everyone knows that the job search takes time, patience, and persistence. I recommend being as productive as possible to help save time and effort on the job hunt! The goal is to identify jobs that are right for you, apply for those jobs, and then get called for interviews. Sounds simple enough, but let me break it down with some tips so you can stay on track!


Automate the job search process. If you are using job boards, use the job alert feature. This feature will email you when added jobs match your career preferences. Create multiple alerts using different keywords and geographic locations if you are willing to relocate!


Customize your resume to target specific jobs and companies with the extra time you saved using email alerts. Read the job description thoroughly and follow all the instructions. If the company asks for a list of references up front, be sure to provide them. Not following directions will have your resume in the NO pile before a human ever sees it!


Understand the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This software evaluates applicants based on criteria set by the company and the hiring manager. You probably won’t pass the software if you don’t match the qualifications! Utilize keywords and phrases directly from the job description in your resume and cover letter to ensure that you will move past the software to a human evaluator.

Take time to learn about the job, the company, and the field if you are transitioning from one area to another. The company website is the first place to start! Also, search the internet for press releases and news articles that mention the company. Knowing what outsiders say about the organization can be very helpful in the interview and in making a final decision about job offers!

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