7 Skills Every Professional Needs

As a professional resume writer, I spend a lot of time speaking with people who never expected to need a resume or be in job search mode again because their careers were set and they were exactly where they wanted to be.

These same clients were the hiring managers and the interviewers before an unexpected change in their career. They feel strongly that they already have the skills to interview and sell themselves. I know they can recognize those skills in others, but everyone can use a brush up on the seven skills I have found to be most important for job seekers at every level.

Selling Yourself to the Interviewer

  • A strong handshake
  • The ability to make eye contact and begin a conversation
  • A well-crafted 30-second elevator speech
  • A focused, targeted answer to the 60-second “Tell me about yourself” question

A strong handshake and making eye contact requires no explanation. But keep in mind that your elevator speech and your answer to the “tell me about yourself” question will change with every company, every position, and every networking event. If you are open to several career paths, you know you will have different answers to these questions depending on who you are speaking with.

Even if you narrow your search and the type of position you seek, the elevator speech and the “tell me about yourself question” will change depending on the size of the company and the company culture. Be prepared with a focused answer to those questions that demonstrates your knowledge of the company and their needs.

Demonstrating Needed Skills for the Position

Every professional must demonstrate the ability to

  • Delegate
  • Mentor and train others
  • Identify and obtain necessary professional development for career success

Professionals who demonstrate these abilities in their targeted resumes and cover letters get invitations to interview. Professionals who provide specific examples of these skills during the interview get job offers.

I work with my clients to ensure that they sell themselves and they demonstrate the needed skills to achieve their current goals.

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