3 Salary Research Resources

Salary negotiation is a common complaint in the job search. It can be difficult to know what you are worth as an employee and even more difficult to ask for it from a potential employer. Armed with the right resources, you can formulate your negotiation strategy. Here are three resources to assist your job search.


With user-submitted, anonymous salaries and reviews of companies, Glassdoor is a crucial resource for your job search. Find out if a company you are interested in meets your financial requirements or if there is a negative sentiment among previous and current employees. Note that you will be required to register for an account and submit your own information anonymously to gain access to all the data on the website.


Import your career profile, including your education, years of experience, and so on, and receive a tailored report for salaries, benefits, and more. This is a useful way to compare your experience to others in your field and give you a starting range.

Industry Publications

Often, industry publications will conduct annual reports, including median salaries, salary ranges, and other industry data. Look into publications for your specific industry to check your own salary requirements and forecast future developments.

Once you are confident in your research, you can create your own negotiation strategy to show your potential employer what you are worth and why.