The 15-Minute LinkedIn Update

You have a profile photo and the majority of your LinkedIn profile filled out – now what? Spend 15 minutes critiquing it and you will have a much stronger profile!

Your Professional Headline Matters

Your LinkedIn headline (which appears directly below your name on your profile) is like a small tagline announcing who you are and what you do. In other words, your headline makes a major difference in establishing your professional brand on LinkedIn. Make sure yours is specific – you may want to avoid generic job titles (“Student” or “Marketing Professional”) for a more specific phrase that shows how you differ from others in your industry (“Marketing professional with a passion for connecting people and brands.”) In addition, this headline will show next to your name throughout the site. Making it specific and interesting will lead to more connections and opportunities.

Capture Interest with your Summary

If your summary simply states your current job title or responsibilities, it is time for an update. Keep in mind that the average recruiter will not spend a lot of time on your LinkedIn profile. The more intriguing the first few sentences of your summary, the better – you want to hook your reader from the beginning. Tell your story: Why are you in your industry? What makes you different than others in your industry? What is your unique take on your industry?

Read Through your Experience Section

If you have not updated your work and volunteer experience sections recently, give them a quick read-through. Search for grammar and spelling errors, redundant language, and anything unclear or that could be more specific. Add updated information, if you have any. Make sure that the information presented is relevant to your current job goal.

With a quick critique, you can make your LinkedIn profile even stronger and impress recruiters, potential employers, and future connections.