How to Secure a Great Letter of Recommendation

When searching for a new job, be sure to have all your documents ready to go before hitting the “send” button on your application. If the employer asks for references or a letter of recommendation, you should be able to provide it immediately. If it is your first time asking for a letter of recommendation, there are a few tips to ensure that you receive the best letter possible.

Ask the Right People

One of the most important ways to ensure your letter is positive is to pick your references carefully. Try to choose employers, professors, and other connections that are enthusiastic about your performance. For example, if a client regularly raves about your work to your boss, they might be an excellent candidate to write a letter of recommendation. In addition, be sure to ask in a way that allows an easy way out if they do not feel comfortable writing a letter for you. The best letters will come from those who are eager to recommend you!

Provide Resources

After your connection has agreed to write you a letter, make the process as easy as possible. Provide them with your resume and any other information that will make writing a letter about your work a breeze. If you have a particular skill or story you want them to include, be sure to let them know at this point. You may also want to include a sample recommendation letter if is their first time writing a letter of recommendation. If you are securing letters for a college application, be sure to include a deadline and check a week or so beforehand to make sure they did not forget about it.

Say Thank You

When your connection has written you a letter, be sure to thank them appropriately. A short, hand-written thank you note goes a long way. If you feel it is appropriate, you may also want to include a small gift , such as a giftcard.

The biggest key to making sure you have excellent letters of recommendation is by choosing writers who are excited to share your qualifications and vouch for your work. Once you have chosen your letter writers, the rest of the process is about making it as easy as possible for them to write the letter for you.

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