Keeping Your LinkedIn Profile Relevant

After fully fleshing out your LinkedIn profile, asking for recommendations, and making connections, the next step is to keep your profile updated. Posting frequently on LinkedIn ensures that you show up in search results more often and can show that you keep up with your industry\’s news. However, if you are like most LinkedIn users, you don\’t log into the site on a day-to-day basis. As a result, posting daily or even several times a week can feel like another social media chore.

Luckily, with some clever social media tactics, you can keep your LinkedIn profile updated in only minutes each week.

Choose a social media scheduling platform.

Look into different social media tools to see which can integrate your personal LinkedIn profile. Determine whether or not it suits your needs. For example, with HootSuite, you can schedule posts by the minute, which is perfect if you like complete control. With Buffer, you can create a schedule and post the same time every day, weekly, and so on. See which works best with your style.

Connect your LinkedIn profile.

No matter which platform you choose, it should be fairly straightforward to add your LinkedIn profile as a social channel. Take a look at the tutorials or FAQ if you have any issues.

Schedule posts.

You can spend 30 minutes each week finding relevant articles to post and scheduling them, or you can do it as you read or find them. Just keep in mind the timeliness of the media you are sharing. For example, posting a 2-month-old article means it is likely to be old news or stale by the time your network sees it. A simple strategy may be to combine the two — start with a backlog of \”anytime\” articles, then add and rearrange as you discover more. The best way to find content to post is up to you. You may follow certain blogs or news sites, run a search for your industry, or discover things on Twitter.

Be engaging.

Depending on the content you are posting, you may want to add a pull quote to draw interest, ask a question of your LinkedIn network, and so on. Discover ways that you can add to the quality of conversation on LinkedIn—it\’s not just about posting articles.

Keep up.

The hardest part about a scheduled social media strategy is that you can appear distant to your network. Make an effort to spend some time on LinkedIn every week to comment and interact with your network and groups. LinkedIn does not have the same time constraints as a faster-paced network like Twitter or Facebook, so it\’s perfectly fine to comment on items that are a few days old. Be sure to reply to any comments you get on your posts as well.

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