3 Salary Negotiation Tips

When it comes to the interview process, many cite salary negotiation as the most difficult or intimidating piece. In fact, many people don\’t  even try to negotiate, or if they do, they fall into a few pitfalls that are easy to avoid. Use the following tips will help you complete a successful salary negotiation.

Do Your Research.

Well before your interview, research the median salary for that job title and similar titles in your area using a website like www.payscale.com. These websites allow you to search including factors like your previous salary, experience, and education to show what similar people in your field are earning. Armed with this information, you can create a strong argument for the salary range that you are seeking.


The next downfall of the interviewee is usually a failure to practice. Hiring managers and recruiters are trained at salary negotiation, and without prior preparation, you may feel pressured to back down on your negotiation strategy. Enlist a friend or family member to practice by roleplaying salary negotiation scenarios. Include a range of possible scenarios and practice until you are confident.

Don\’t Back Down.

Again, the recruiter will be skilled at salary negotiation. You may feel like you are being backed into a corner, but stand strong. Be willing to compromise – but don\’t be willing to back down! The number one way to have a successful negotiation is simply to prepare. If you do research and practice, you\’ll have a much stronger chance at negotiating the salary you want.

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