Accepting and Declining Job Offers

Congratulations! You’ve been offered the job. Typically the employer will contact you by phone first, but sometimes they will use a formal offer letter instead of, or in addition to, the phone call. If you want, you can verbally accept the job offer via phone, but if not, you can tell the employer you will follow up with them. Whatever the situation, you should follow up with a letter, sent either through email (preferred) or snail mail.

Accepting a Job Offer

Within your acceptance letter, you will want to clearly state that you are accepting the offer. You can state something simple, like you are looking forward to working there. In addition, the letter should confirm the details of your hiring, including your start date, salary, benefits, and so on. Include a conclusion that invites further contact if necessary.

Declining a Job Offer

If you do not wish to accept a job offer, you still want to send a letter (email, snail mail, or phone call) to let the hiring department know they should continue their search. This letter will probably be shorter and should contain appreciation and gratitude for the offer as well as a clear statement that you will not be accepting the offer. Close with a statement of goodwill for the future and make sure everything is professional – you wouldn’t want to burn any bridges.

With either letter, be sure to address it to the person who extended the job offer, check for typos, and include your contact information.

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