Do\’s and Don\’ts: Writing The Perfect Post-Interview Letter

Now that you have aced your interview, it is time to send out a thank you letter. Whether it is your first interview or you are an interview veteran, it is easy to feel overwhelmed about your letter options. Although the content of your letter is up to you, here are a few definite do\’s and don’ts for writing a thank you letter that leaves an impact.

Do Keep the Letter Short

Keep this letter relatively brief, about half a page long or less. Unlike the cover letter, you do not need to fully explain all your qualifications again. At this point, most of your work is done.

Do Send a Letter to Everyone You Interviewed With

A thank you letter should be sent to every person you interviewed with, or at least the decision maker if that is not possible. Ask each person you interview with for a business card to help keep track of names and what was spoken about.

Do Reiterate Your Strengths

Within the body of the letter, restate a few of your best qualifications that were discussed in the interview. But keep it brief! This will help customize your letter for each interviewer as well as remind them of your strengths as a candidate.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add New Information

At the same time, don’t be afraid to mention something new in the thank you letter. If you fumbled an interview question or thought of a great piece of information after the fact, the thank you letter could be the place to include it. Just be careful not to stray too far from the original intent of the letter: thanking the interviewer.

Do Send the Letter ASAP

Try to send the letter within 48 hours of your interview … the sooner, the better. You want your interview to be fresh in their mind. Sending a letter out quickly shows you are serious about the opportunity.

Don’t Sound Generic

Avoid using a carbon copy email for each letter you send out. It is easy to detect a recycled email. Be sure to use specific information from your interview to customize the letter.

Do Show Actions You are Taking

If your interviewer gave you some kind of advice or recommendation, be sure to show in the thank you letter that you are following up with that advice. For example, if they recommended that you join an organization, mention that you have researched it (or joined it). If they gave you someone\’s contact information, show that you have reached out to them.

With these guidelines in mind, writing a strong thank you letter will be a little bit easier. Be sure to thank the interviewer in a way that shows your qualifications and professionalism and you will leave more of an impact.

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