Expert Interview Tips, Part 3 of 3

Previously, I discussed how to prepare BEFORE the interview and how to make a good impression DURING the interview. In this post, let’s discuss what to do AFTER the interview!

Thank You:

Take notes on the names and positions of everyone who interviews you. If possible, also note down their email addresses.

Once the interview has concluded, follow up with each interviewer. A simple email thank you note can go a long way! Keep the note short; in the first sentence, thank the interviewer for their time. In the second sentence, make a positive comment about the job, the company, or the hiring manager’s plan for the position. In the final sentence, reiterate your interest in the position.

Be sure to send a thank you to each interviewer and make the notes unique! If they compare notes, all the goodwill you developed by sending a thank you will evaporate if they see that you didn’t make an effort to differentiate the messages.

Learn from the Experience:

You’ll gain more confidence with every interview and learn to communicate more effectively. And, if you don’t get the job, try contacting the hiring manager or recruiter and (POLITELY) ask for feedback to help prepare for the next interview. Don’t pester them, though! Ask once, and then move on.

Make notes about what went well and what didn’t quite go as expected. Learn what you can from each interview, and you’ll improve slowly but surely!

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