Expert Interview Tips, Part 1 of 3

One of the essential pieces of interviewing advice I can share with you is to PREPARE. Below are several tips to make you a stand-out candidate in any interview.


Research the company before the interview. You need to know enough about the company to ask knowledgeable questions. If you can’t explain to the interviewer what the company does or where you fit in, you probably won’t be seen as a good fit.

Research can be as easy as reading the company website, or it can be a much more in-depth exploration of the company. For example, you might research the company’s annual reports for the last 3 to 5 years to identify trends and growth.

You can also search online for press releases and news articles that mention the company or its executive officers. The more information you have, the better you can assess the job and the company during the interview.


Work with a friend or family member to role-play the interview setting. Be sure you have a firm handshake, are at ease during the introductions, and can answer the questions readily.

Many industries and positions have lists of relevant questions online. You might be lucky and find a list of questions by former interviewees specifically about this company. Try using sites like Glassdoor for example questions.

Practice, practice, practice! You know there will be questions such as “tell me about yourself” and “what do you know about our company and this position,” so prepare good answers for those questions.


Know your resume. Be able to answer completely and succinctly any question related to information on the resume.

This document is a snapshot of you, so if you can’t answer a question about a job or a skill that is included in the resume, hiring managers are going to assume that you have overstated your experience and abilities.


Exploring the job description is a process that should start before you ever submit your resume for the position.

Before the interview, revisit the job description to remind yourself exactly what the employer is seeking. You have an interview, so the hiring manager thinks you are qualified; now, sell yourself to the interviewers!

With each question, address your skills, knowledge, and experience as they relate to the job description. You may not meet every requirement, but you can demonstrate a willingness to learn and an ability to get up to speed quickly.

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