How to Be a Professional

One of the most important things you can do to promote yourself and your career is to be aware of trends and new ideas within your industry or field. It may be hard, but prioritize professional development so your career doesn’t stall mid-flight!

  • Read industry news.
    Know what is happening in your field so that you can be a more thoughtful and productive leader. You do not need to be an expert, because even a little knowledge can demonstrate to your colleagues and managers that you are in the know.
  • Share your knowledge.
    Sharing your knowledge can be simple or complex. You can simply share articles you’ve found helpful and interesting by email or in your LinkedIn feed. Or you could become the subject-matter expert for your colleagues.
  • Invest the time.
    It may feel uncomfortable to you, but set aside time at work for professional development. Don’t just attend the webinars that occur during your lunch hour! The energy and new ideas that come from a 45-minute webinar with like-minded colleagues can be a career game changer.
  • Network with other professionals.
    LinkedIn is an excellent way to network with colleagues and leaders in your field. But keep in mind there may be additional ways to network that will boost your professional image. Attend conferences – perhaps volunteer to go to the conference no one else wants to attend! Look for local professional organizations that meet in person monthly. A few minutes face-to-face can be more productive than any number of emails.

    Professional development is time well spent. Knowledge, experience, and contacts that come from your investment of time and effort in yourself and your career are vital to your current accomplishments and future success.