Know What You Want in a Company and a Boss

As a job seeker, you need to know what type of company culture you want to be in and what type of boss you want to work with. Researching the company is important, but be aware of your desires and needs and keep your eyes and ears open during an interview.

There are several types of managers who can make a job miserable. So be prepared to ask questions and gather information that will help you avoid these types of management behaviors.

If at all possible, speak with current employees during the interview. Your questions will need to be general and you must read between the lines of the answers to discern the information you are seeking.

Develop questions that you can ask employees, HR representatives, and the hiring manager that will help you identify the following issues that would make you regret accepting that job! For example, managers who:

  • Take credit for their employees’ hard work and accomplishments.
  • Appear not to trust their employees to do their jobs or who micromanage.
  • Allow their employees to be overwhelmed with too many competing priorities.
  • Do not clearly state expectations or identify the individual or team responsible for completing specific projects.

Remember, by accepting a job offer, you are committing to 40+ hours of work each week with the expectation that you are a competent professional able to more than meet the needs of the position. If you are unable to fulfill the expectations of the job because of behaviors by management, you will probably be unhappy in that position.

Give yourself time to get the feel of the company before you make a commitment!

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