After the Interview, Stand Out from the Crowd

There are several different ways that email can help you during the job search process. Of course, everyone knows they must send a thank you note and that email is an excellent way to do get that message into employers’ hands quickly. But there are a couple of additional ways to use emails after your interview to build and sustain your network.

Confirm Your Interest Email

  • If you haven’t heard from the employer within 10 business days of the interview, send a message to check in and reconfirm your interest in the position.
  • Send this type of email to all parties, if possible, including the recruiter, the hiring manager, and any future colleagues you met during the interview.
  • Send an email asking for an update in your application status. All companies are not alike and may take a different amount of time to make hiring decisions. Sending a respectful reminder of your interest and asking for an update might just be what it takes for them to choose between you and another candidate!

Networking After a “No” Email

  • You didn’t get the job, but don’t despair. Even after receiving information that you didn’t get the job, you can reach out to these new networking connections.
  • With this email, you just want to solidify networking contacts. Reiterate your interest in the type of work that these colleagues do.
  • Ask for advice and mentoring without being needy or demanding. These people are employed and in a great situation to know of open positions.
  • Invite the contact to meet with you for coffee because face-to-face meetings are best. But a phone call can help launch a networking relationship also.

These two types of email might not be useful to you after every interview; however, if you really are interested in that company or that industry, keeping in touch through email is a respectful, courteous way of continuing the professional relationship.

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