Being Productive on a Friday

If you are like many people, Friday is when you assess what you accomplished during the past week. Or you might try desperately to finish all those items on your Monday to-do list that got bounced for higher priorities on Tuesday, Wednesday, or even Thursday.

Here are a few suggestions that might make Friday afternoon a little more productive as you plan for Monday. 

Check Your Email

Do not use this time to respond to emails. Instead, check your draft folder for any emails that you’ve forgotten to finish over the course of the last several days. Are they necessary? If not, delete! If yes, complete the email and send. You might also look for newsletters that clutter your inbox and unsubscribe.

Organize and Clean Your Desk

Pick up all the accumulated papers and notes. If these pieces of paper are not necessary, off to the recycle bin. Consolidate necessary notes and papers in a folder with a sticky note on top that identifies the project or reason for keeping. You can leave this folder out on your desk within easy reach for Monday, but everything is in one neat file!

Identify Accomplishments and Prioritize Monday’s To-Do List

You’ve been so busy all week, you haven’t had a chance to see just how much you have accomplished. Marking those items complete gives you a great sense of accomplishment. And then take 10 minutes to look over your to-do list to see what is most pressing for Monday morning. Even a few minutes spent on prioritization and planning will get you off to a good start at the beginning of the week!

Spending the last hour of Friday getting ready for Monday is a great use of a relatively unproductive time. As you implement these suggestions, you will discover what is most helpful to you in that last hour of the week and customize the list to fit your needs!

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