Interviewing: Expert Tips to Close the Deal, Part 2

During the Interview

Previously, we discussed how to prepare before the interview. In this post, we’ll discuss what to do during the interview to set yourself apart from other candidates.

  • Dress Appropriately

Always be clean and neat in your appearance. A good rule is to NOT wear perfume, cologne, or anything with a strong scent that might become unbearable in a small interview room with the door closed.

Generally, for the interview men should wear clothing that is one step above the outfits that you would usually wear in this position. For example, if you know you will wear a button-down shirt and tie every day for the position, wear a suit or blazer for the interview.

The dress code is not as clear cut for women, but you will need to dress to impress. Suggestions include well-fitting, conservative pant or skirt suits with comfortable, close-toed shoes and minimal jewelry. In today’s world, you may be able to find pictures of workers from that company on a normal day to see what the dress code is and make sure that you are a step above!

  • Be Yourself and Evaluate Fit

The hiring manager already believes you are qualified for the position or you wouldn’t be in line for an interview. So be yourself – don’t try to impress with over the top stories of accomplishments, but be the hero in the examples of your achievements.

Remember that you must be a match for the job and the company and they must be a good fit for you. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t accept the job offer!

  • Remain Calm

A calm demeanor can help you with the confidence you need to make a good impression during an interview. So take advantage of every opportunity to practice answering questions and getting comfortable with the interview process.

Confidence is a trait that every hiring manager covets. You may not be able to rid yourself of nerves during the interview, but you can become good at hiding your nervousness and appearing calm and confident.

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