How to Write a WOW! Thank You Email

Thank you emails after a job interview are a great way to make yourself stand out from other candidates. But go beyond the normal etiquette to write a thank you message that will impress them!

Follow These Steps

Focus on these tips for writing a thank you note that will WOW the hiring committee:

  • Emphasize how your experience and skills align with the position.
  • Use the notes you took during and after the interview to identify the issues/problems/needs that were emphasized by the different interviewers.
  • Write a separate note to each interviewer and directly address their individual concerns. Targeted, personalized notes will stand out from the bland notes sent by other candidates.
  • Allow your enthusiasm for the position and the company to come through in the thank you letter, while maintaining a professional tone.
  • Generally, keep the thank you note short and simple with four to five sentences that explain your continued interest and how you can meet their needs. Longer notes may be appropriate for some instances, but busy hiring managers will appreciate your conciseness.
  • Check spelling, proofread for grammar issues, and read the note out loud. Reading the words you have written out loud is a great way to hear the phrasing that needs to be polished.

Customizing the thank you notes may take you a little time, but it is well worth the effort. Hiring managers and their committee members are looking for individuals who are more than just qualified for the job. They are seeking a good fit for their culture. So use the thank you note as another demonstration of your professionalism and future contributions.

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