Social Content — Will It Help or Hurt Your Job Search?

Social media is an ever present part of our lives and, as a job seeker, your digital content can help you or hurt you. You must think as a job seeker and make decisions as a professional when it comes to social media content and other digital information. As recruiters and hiring managers utilize digital content and social media information in their search for the perfect candidate, your social media content will become even more important.

We have all heard the stories of job candidates publishing Tweets or Facebook updates that led to a job offer being withdrawn or no offer being made. Here are some responses from active recruiters who responded to a survey sponsored by in summer of 2015.

This survey revealed enlightening information that can save you from making mistakes during your job search.

First, HR professionals and recruiters are becoming increasingly reliant on digital content to identify red flags.

Second, red flags include risqué photographs, negative comments about work, and negative or inappropriate comments about current or previous employers and colleagues.

Many recruiters surveyed said that along with social media, they utilized other digital content such as personal websites and blogs. While LinkedIn was not specifically mentioned in the survey, a powerful LinkedIn profile focused on your professional career is digital content that can effectively present your experience and abilities.

It serves every job seeker well to critically examine all digital content and remove any material that would be a red flag to recruiters, HR personnel, and hiring managers. Keep in mind that all digital content is available and decision makers are using that information to eliminate red-flag applicants and identify professional candidates.

Prevention is better than trying to restore a good impression that has already been damaged.

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