The Mini Resume: A New Old Idea!

I have worked with a variety of very experienced resume writing and career coaching professionals throughout my career. And the other day, one of them pointed out that the business card with a “mini resume” on the reverse side is coming back in style. So I wanted to discuss this new/old idea.

First, this networking idea may be just right for you or it might be all wrong. Remember, you are in charge of your job search and career.

Second, the tiny snapshot of your education, experience, and skills can be great talking points during networking events.

Third, you must use the mini-resume business card judiciously. It isn’t necessary to point out the mini resume on the back each time you hand out your card. As this idea gains more traction with job seekers and recruiters, it will become commonplace. And there will be an expectation that you have additional information on the reverse of your business card.

But until it becomes commonplace, with the expectation that everyone has information on the back and that everyone receiving a business card will look at that information, you may need to help recruiters along. So here are some suggestions for using that mini resume business card.

  • At networking events, don’t mention the reverse. Instead, think of additional information that you want your new contact to know and offer to write it on the business card. Then turn the card over to your mini resume and write on that side. When you give the card to your contact, they will see the bullets.
  • Use the opportunity of the new card to reach out to all your contacts. This is a great way to say “let’s keep in touch”. It is easy to say that your business card information has changed and you wanted them to have the latest, just in case.
  • Attach the business card to the resume when you are doing informational or job interviews to reinforce the skills and experience you possess.

If you are a first adopter of the mini-resume business card, you can be seen as confident and knowledgeable of new trends. Keep in mind the need to be concise and focused. The information on the reverse of your business card should complement the information you provide in your 30-second elevator speech. Make every interaction count during your networking and job search efforts.

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