Considerations for Best Fit during the Job Search

As you are interviewing, keep in mind that you will spend a great deal of your time at work – 40 hours per week at least, for many years. So it is very important that the environment and culture of the workplace are a fit for you. Remember that you are interviewing the employer and the company just as they are interviewing you as the job candidate.

During a job search, many times people are so relieved to have a job offer that they take the first offer without thinking about their fit within the company culture. But you must always be looking for clues that you will fit into the culture. If you are uncomfortable intellectually, you will not be engaged in your work and, perhaps, not give your best efforts.

Think about what you want from the company – besides a job and a paycheck.

  1. What are the company values? Can you support these values in good faith? If you cannot be an advocate for the ethical principles of the company, then move along in your job search – this is not a good fit.
  2. What is the behavioral style of the company? Is it a fast-paced environment or a slow, meticulous atmosphere that requires great concentration? Know the type of environment in which you work best and make sure that you identify that culture before making a decision. The wrong behavioral style can be an impediment to moving forward in your chosen career.
  3. What are the motivation and work ethic of the company? Does this company reward employees who work long hours, no matter what the results? Or does the company reward results, no matter how long or short the hours? Work and life balance are essential for many job seekers.

Knowing exactly what you seek in your profession will help you identify the job that is the best fit for you. The first job isn’t always the best job for you – be sure that you are aware of your needs and the employer’s expectations before making a final decision.

Most employers expect that you will ask for a few days to think over their offer. Take that time to ask questions and explore options before making a final decision that could impact your career and your happiness.

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