Using Email Successfully in Your Job Search and Your Career

During your job search you will be reaching out to connect with others who can provide information or job leads. The best way to connect with people inside and outside your network is in face-to-face meetings. However, that isn’t always feasible if your contact is in New York City and you are in Los Angeles.

Effective Emails in the Job Search

Use email as the next best opportunity to connect with established and new contacts. The list below recommends several ways that email can be helpful. Be sure that your emails are concise, easy to understand, and polite. After all, in your job search you are asking for help, not demanding their assistance.

Use email to:

  • Gather information and advice through an informational interview
  • Network for a job
  • Ask for introductions to employees of your dream company
  • Connect with new people on LinkedIn
  • Follow up on your application
  • Thank people who have helped you in your job search
  • Thank interviewers after the interview

Essential Emails in the World of Work

Emails are an essential communication device in the world of work. Even if you prefer to text, you will need to use email in your profession. So learn to communicate professionally through email.

Remember that emails are a trail of communication that can be used positively or negatively, depending on the situation. Emails never go away, so be cognizant of what you are communicating, why you are writing it, and how your words will be perceived by the reader. Be careful of sarcasm or humor in an email – there is no body language to help indicate that you are being humorous or teasing.

A good practice to implement is to write the email, but don’t press send. Give yourself at least 15 minutes before sending the email. Then read over it and evaluate your words – are you conveying exactly what you meant to communicate? Are there phrases that could be taken out of context? Will everyone understand the little joke you added at the end?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, then thank your lucky stars you haven’t already pressed send. Then rewrite your email to ensure that you are communicating just as effectively in writing as you do in face-to-face conversations.

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