3 Reasons to Mock Interview

A mock interview is a service where a job seeker undergoes a practice interview with the intent to improve his or her interview skills. Mock interview services are provided by career services professionals as well as university career centers, and there are free, online mock interview services available as well.

Whether you are brand new to interviewing, interviewing for a new type of position, or an executive looking to freshen up your skills, undergoing a mock interview can help strengthen your interview performance.

Learn What is Expected in a Job Interview

If you have never interviewed before, or have never interviewed in a professional setting, a mock interview is invaluable for learning what is expected in the interview process. From attire to the types of questions asked, preparing for real interviews with a practice interview will only improve your performance.

Improve How You Communicate

A mock interview is often recorded and can be played back to the job seeker. Through this process, you may discover that you have a nervous tic, such as tapping your foot, stutter during interview questions, or have other communication struggles. The interviewer can offer valuable feedback on how to prevent common pitfalls, like using filler words. Even an experienced interviewer can fall victim to bad interview habits!

Strengthen Your Answers to Common Questions

In almost every interview, there are guaranteed to be certain behavioral-style interview questions, such as “Tell me about yourself” or “Tell me about a time when…” These common interview questions have a certain strategy to create the best possible answer. The interview coach can assist you by delving into your answer step-by-step to create a much stronger response.

A mock interview can help you learn more about the interview process, strengthen your self-presentation, and improve your interview skills. If you are a current college student or alumni, check your university for mock interview opportunities. There are also professional interview coaches, career coaches, and other services available that can help with interview practice.

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