Writing the Perfect Resume Bullet Points

The real meat of your resume lies in describing your experience. It is important to avoid sounding generic or over-simplifying your prior accomplishments. Instead of focusing on general duties and responsibilities, the resume should show what you did to go above and beyond. Consider the following tips when writing your resume to ensure that your qualifications come across clearly.

Use a strong action verb.

Each bullet point you list should begin with a verb. Words like \”did\” or \”worked\” or phrases such as \”duties included\” or \”responsible for\” are not nearly as impressive as colorful language. These words can also suggest a passive attitude, as if you did not actively achieve at the position. If you are stumped for words, a quick Google search should help point you in the right direction.

Focus on accomplishments.

Rather than listing all your responsibilities, focus instead on what made you good at your job. Did a change you made have a positive impact? What difference did you make? Did you have a reputation for being a problem solver or people person? All of these skills and accomplishments belong on your resume!

Quantify your results.

Sometimes, it can be hard to understand the scope of your achievements without quantifying them. Instead of saying you improved the bottom line, maybe add in a percentage of growth to show the direct effect your actions had. If you managed a large team, state the full number of employees. Spend some time thinking about how you can make your actions and results quantifiable.

Avoid vague or over-inflated statements.

No matter how you improve your bullet points, avoid exaggerating your experience too much. You should always feel comfortable talking about your statements, and if you aren\’t, it may be time to dial it back. In addition to avoiding statements that are too large, avoid purposefully vague language. Be specific about your experience.

Being able to describe your prior experience effectively, either in your career, through volunteer experience, or other organizations, will give you an advantage against other applicants. Remember to keep your resume targeted for the specific position you are seeking, and these tips will help boost your resume to the next level.

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