Utilizing Facebook Groups for Networking

Although LinkedIn is the primary social network for job seekers, remember not to discount other social networks while on the job hunt. Recently, Facebook groups based on professional affiliations and industries have been popping up. These groups can be highly beneficial for your job search if you utilize them correctly. Here are 4 ways to make sure you make the most of this resource.

Search for groups associated with your industry or affiliations.

If you are a member of a national or local organization, chances are there is an associated Facebook group. A simple Facebook search for your industry should bring up several results. Be sure to search for groups within your local area as well.

Be sure to read all rules and documents before posting.

Following the established rules of a group is important, especially if the group has thousands of members. Usually the documents and rules will be beneficial to your job hunt, such as documents to post your LinkedIn profile for prospective employers.

Get involved in the group.

Add to relevant discussion, post relevant articles, and seek out help in your job hunt from those within the Facebook group. Be sure to add substance to the group! Avoid posting only when you are in need of a job.

Pay it forward.

Whenever you are employed, be sure to pay it forward within the group. If your company is hiring or you know another company looking for new employees, be sure to post within the group. Not only will you build credibility, but you will give others in the group the same advantage that you when job seeking.

Facebook is on the rise for professional networking. Facebook’s Group feature makes it easier than ever to meet individuals in your field on a national or local level.

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