Laid Off: What Comes Next

Although the U.S. employment rate is on the rise, job security is no longer what it once was. Be sure you know the next steps after being let go, just in case the occasion ever arises.

Don’t beat yourself up.

First of all, remember that times are hard and you may have been let go for reasons totally unrelated to your performance. Only by accepting that it has happened and moving on from it can you move forward and start hunting for a new job. Try not to dwell on what happened and instead look to the future.

Think about potential references.

Don’t cut all ties at your old job! Consider who at your previous job could serve as a valuable reference for your future job hunt. Remember, when you ask them to serve as your reference, you will want to include a list of projects, skills, or other information you want them to discuss for reference. Make it as simple as possible for them to give you a stellar review.

Use your connections.

Another reason to maintain a positive relationship with your previous coworkers – utilizing your network is the most direct way of finding a new job. Think about who you could reach out to for assistance with your job hunt, whether it’s friends, family, former coworkers, or anyone else in your life. Make a list of people to contact and be sure to follow through. In addition, you can always attend networking events within your industry.

Update your documents.

Don’t forget this crucial component of your job hunt! Even if you aren’t planning on applying for a position anytime soon, updating your resume, cover letter, references list, and any other job search document as soon as possible is important. You never know if you’ll have a surprise interview or who may ask for a copy of your resume. It’s best to get this done early so that you are prepared.

Although losing your job is hard, being prepared with a plan of action will make the next few steps significantly easier. This list is only a starting point, but it will give you a solid lead on landing a new position.

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