The New Executive Job Hunt

Searching for a job as an executive years ago is different from the modern search. Previously, senior-level executives may have never had an active job search. Instead, positions were found passively through networking and recruiting. The job search for C-level executives has shifted, and if you find yourself on the hunt, there are a few tactics that will put you ahead of the pack.

Invest in your Job Search Documents

At this level, you may be better off hiring a professional to take care of your resume, cover letter, and other job search documents. A professional knows which questions to ask to get the full story about your career, as well as the terms that those in your field will be seeking. In other words, do not let your resume hold you back. Let someone else experience in the modern job search take over any outdated documents.

Position Yourself with Personal Branding

Now more than ever, personal branding is crucial to the job search. With fewer job postings and more applicants, your personal branding is what will make you stand out. Be sure your personal branding is consistent throughout your different social platforms, resume, and portfolio, and remember to tell a story about your career path. Making your personal branding compelling to potential employers is more important at the senior level than ever before.

Network, Network, Network

Even though more of the job search has shifted, networking is still king. Most positions that are open are never posted publically, so colleague/managerial referrals are your best bet. Expanding your network is important, but do not neglect maintenance! Be sure to have regular contact with those in your network, especially those who could be key players in your job search.

Now more than ever, differentiation is key in the executive job search. Taking an active approach, rather than a passive approach, will be crucial in finding your next big opportunity.

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